Currently my studio is located in the centre of Rotterdam.

I generally work in a 'hybrid' fashion. Meaning I generally mix in the analog domain yet I use the digital domain as a 'tape machine' and do some tweaks there as well that simply can't be done as accurate in an analog fashion. Most 'colouring' of the sound happens analog while 'corrective' steps are done with the computer. I feel this gives me the best of both worlds with a fair amount of recall yet still all the magic that working fully digital just can not offer.

The centrepiece of my studio is a Midas Broadcast 2000 mixing console with a rich array of vintage restored and selfmade outboard gear from crunchy old DBX units to selfmade Pultec EQ units. My studio is a culmination of many years of finding and restoring old gear, making my own, incidentally buying new units that I just love and tweaking every little bit to give me the tools that I feel I need to do my work how I want it. See the equipment page for a more detailed list of what I use in my audio production process.

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