Mixing consoles
Midas Broadcast 2000

- 28 (dual) mono inputs /w EQ and limiter per channel
- 12 (dual) stereo inputs /w EQ and limiter per channel

- 2 stereo auxiliary

- 4 mono auxiliary
- 8 stereo busses 

- 8 stereo returns

- 8 mix minus busses

- 4 VCA/mute groups

- 2 mono master busses

- 2 stereo master busses

- Extensive monitor section with several outputs and external inputs

Crest XR-20
- 8 mono inputs

- 4 stereo inputs

- 4 mono busses

- 1 stereo auxiliary

- 4 mono auxiliary

- 1 master bus

Main monitoring system:
2x Klein & Hummel O96
1x Neumann KH750DSP subwoofer
1x Sound Skulptor MC624 monitor controller
1x TC Electronic clarity M loudness meter

Secondary monitoring system:
2x Yamaha NS-10M studio
1x Bryston 2B amplifier

Additional monitor systems on location:
2x Klein & Hummel O108TV
2x Klein & Hummel O96

2x Klein & Hummel OY1
1x Klein & Hummel / Saba Telewatt VS-60 tube amplifier

2x Saba 60L 4-way high fidelity speakers

DAW / Plugins

- Protools
- Reaper 6

- Fabfilter, Soundtoys, Plugin Alliance, Lexicon, Klanghelm, Harrison, Overloud, Eventide, Empirical Labs, Youlean

1x RME madiface USB
1x Ferrofish A32 32ch I/O
1x Ferrofish P16 16ch I/O


1x Empirical Labs EL8X distressor

1x DBX160X compressor

1x DBX166 dual compressor

1x BSS DPR-901 dynamic EQ
1x BSS DPR-404 quad compressor / de-esser
1x BSS DPR-504 quad gate
1x Gyraf audio SSL stereo VCA bus compressor

1x API2500 stereo VCA bus compressor
1x API525 compressor

3x Siemens W295A EQ
2x Classi Pultec passive EQ

2x Sound Skulptor Pultec passive EQ
1x DRIP Pultec passive EQ
1x AML Fairchild 627 active tube EQ

2x AML Neve 1073 pre/EQ
6x API312 preamplifiers
1x Audient Mico dual preamplifier
1x Audient ASP008 8x preamplifier

1x Sansamp PSA-1

1x HH electronic ECHO UNIT small tape loop
1x HH electronic ECHO UNIT long tape loop
1x Binson Echorec B2 Export

1x Lexicon 300 LARC
1x Lexicon PCM60
1x Lexicon LXP15
1x Yamaha SPX990

A crazy amount of dynamic, condensor and ribbon mics, new and vintage

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